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01622 355000

Ellie Hill
Mar 13
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School makes garden boxes out of pallets


Back in September, we donated some of our unwanted pallets to a local primary school in Maidstone, so they could create garden boxes to plant around their school, ready for the summer weather.

We regularly receive deliveries, mainly on pallets or in crates and a large percentage of them either arrive broken, or are the incorrect size to be stored in our racking. As they were no use to us, we thought donating them would be the best option.


Mrs Mehigan, a teacher at Oaks Primary Academy stated that "The pupils have taken many pallets apart independently, by taking the nails out, sawing and sanding etc. It's provided the pupils with an opportunity to learn valuable skills. " 

We hope to keep up to date with what the children at Oaks Primary Academy get up to, they are looking great so far.